Wingnut Film Productions

District 9


We had the distinct honour of working directly with talented Neill Blomkamp, the director of the film District 9 (produced by Sir Peter Jackson) and Weta Workshop’s lead concept artist Greg Broadmore. We helped storyboard the movie script and produced a pitch document, in the form of a 111-page hard-cover graphic novel.

For the pitch document, which was sent to the movie studio to help secure project funding, we collated a large number of spectacular art pieces and designed a unique, traditionally hand-bound graphic novel. Two copies of the book were produced, one of which is in Sir Peter Jackson’s personal collection.

I have worked with Fahrenheit on two projects ( Halo, District 9 ). In both cases their involvement was invaluable. Despite both projects being under tight deadlines, they produced world-class work that has inspired the same amazed reaction from everyone. Very impressive stuff.”

Neill Blomkamp, Director
Client:Wingnut Film Productions
Date: June 17, 2012