We had the wonderful opportunity of working with Aline Tran, director of photography from Paris, France, and now based here in Wellington, New Zealand. Among other cool assignments, Aline worked as a stereographer on the recently completed, locally-shot feature film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Our challenge was to design and build a simple, striking and easy-to-use interface to be an effective backdrop to Aline’s world-class work. We also wanted to enable Aline to maintain and upload her latest work with ease. We achieved this by customising the CMS interface and making the process of adding photographic and video content quick and intuitive.

The new website successfully limits distractions and unnecessary content so the work itself can take centre stage.

‘ Fahrenheit have an amazing capacity to transcribe ideas and personality into the web and had the vision to deliver exactly what works for me and the image of my company. ’Aline Tran, Director of photography

ClientAline Tran
SkillsGraphic design, Web design
Project URLwww.alinetran.co.nz