Communication is a vital component of all projects – in web design, it all starts with a detailed design brief. Taking the time to document your website requirements will ensure that we have a clear understanding of the scope of the project. Once we get started with the project it will also serve as the point of reference for desired outcomes and deliverables.

    Your business

    Give us an understanding of who you are, what your business does, where you are heading, and how you feel your brand should be portrayed.

    Your website

    Explain what drove the need for a new website, and describe what a successful website looks like to you. For the purpose of an estimate, please list the number of pages required and their general content/functionality.


    Provide details about who your website users are, so that the design, features and functionality can be tailored accordingly.


    Describe how your new website should look, the impression you want to give, and any brand and style guidelines that need to be met.

    5. CONTENT

    We believe that content is king, and therefore use a “content-first” approach when planning website builds. Knowing
    below will enable us to confirm if all project elements are available, or whether some help here is needed.

    Please list what features and functionalities are required (examples of some below).


    Providing an indication of budget and timeframes will enable us to propose a realistic, workable solution earlier in the scoping process.

    The Fahrenheit Creative team